monstrosityin frankenstein

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Monstrosity in Frankenstein

The Oxford English Dictionary defines monstrosity in two ways: 'A grossly malformed animal or plant.' and 'A thing which is outrageously evil or wrong'. These two definitions fit in very well with the novel 'Frankenstein' as the main story involves a creature, which is supposed to be evil.

Monstrosity is a key theme in the novel and is most likely the main theme as after all the storyline of the book is that of a 'Monster' being created by Victor Frankenstein which is supposed to be seen as an evil character. The way that the creature is not seen as a human shows how he is an animal definitely fits in with the first definition that mentions malformed animals.

Obviously with the monster looking like he does as the character Victor whom had spent years attempting to bring the creature to life could not 'endure the sight of the being' which indicates just how unsightly this creature is, as after all Victors character is practically the monsters father yet he still cannot bare to look at it.

It is the creatures' appearance that leads to him being rejected not only by Victor but many other different people such as the Villagers, Felix and Agatha who all believe him to be a 'Monster' and therefore beat and hurt him because of their views of him. Wherever the creature goes it appears that he is never truly accepted which shoes how unwanted he is as no one feels sorry for him as he is inhumane and people obviously do not want to help something/someone that they fear. The idea that he is extremely hideous means that the creature goes along with the first definition which describes him as being malformed, as he matches the first definition it shows that...