In The Mood For Love

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In The Mood for Love

In the mood for love is set in Hong Kong in the 1960s. The 1960s Hong Kong is undergoing many changes, be it economically, politically or socially. Her people live in a bustling city as such, embracing the changes from out there, and at the same time accepting the changes surrounding their daily lives. This story hence depicts the lives of Su Li Zhen (played by Maggie Cheung) and Chow Mu Yun (played by Tony Leung), who are both exposed to these changes and interruptions, and in between, they meet each other and extends a possible affinity. The construction of their love story by Wong Kar Wai is so nicely crafted such that it prompts us, as audience, to probe what true love actually is - is he or she simply the person who sleeps next to us every night? Or is he or she a passer-by in our lives whom we brushed shoulders with but never got the chance to know? The movie is beautiful in the sense that it uses time as a platform to tell us that love waits for no one, and once we miss the chance, we do not even have to think about returning to source for it.

People who enjoy subtlety and the artistic direction of Wong Kar Wai would subconsciously fall in love with this culturally rich film, and my essay would mainly focus on how he manages to execute his style to bring his point across,

Su Li Zhen 苏丽珍

Let me start with the film's main female character, Su Li Zhen. Su Li Zhen, the female lead in this movie played by Maggie Cheung, exudes an elegance of a Chinese woman back in the 60s. From her hairdo, to her make-up of classic staple red...