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I consider my decision to be a lawyer as a moral conflict since many of the cases, lawyers are consulted with, requires them to compromise their personal beliefs. Lawyers serve a utilitarian, (the principle that holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness: wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness?(Mills p 7) purpose given that they help promote justice in the community. On the other hand, most of their work may not conform with the utilitarian standards or the deontological attitude (the principle that holds that means is valuable than the ends) since they are meant to serve their clients interests, not the society?s.

One could suggest a solution to this moral conflict by saying, ?If you feel your personal beliefs might be compromised in a given situation, just direct your client to another lawyer who feels different about the clients case.?

This may sound simple to any sane mind but in an increasingly competitive business Attorneys don?t always have the luxury of choosing their clients based on the morality of their causes. On the other hand, clients, who do have the luxury of choosing their Attorneys, are looking for someone to correspond to their interests, not to proceed the greater good. Further more, I considered law most importantly because it is lucrative.

There are many situations in which a lawyer?s personal values may conflict with his or her professional responsibilities. For instance defending the culpable or indicting the innocent, limiting the legal responsibility of a willful and thoughtless polluter; using the legal process to wear down competitors or other opponents; or affirm a dubious advantage only to conceal a destructive evidence.

Firstly, defending the culpable or the guilty is against my personal and religious beliefs since the...