Who is at more fault for the tragedies- Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?

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The murder of Duncan is finally getting pieced together after months of searching for any clues to who might have any ties to this brutal killing. An anonymous letter was received at the sheriff's office late afternoon on March 8th with a cassette and voices of the plotting convicts.

This crime was planned by both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The actual murder was done by Macbeth, making him more guilty of the crime. Lady Macbeth just talked about committing the crime, but she never actually went through with it nor would she ever but convincing her husband with very specific orders is all that was needed to solve this case. Talking about committing the incident is very different from actually doing it. Lady Macbeth did a little more than just talk about it though. She also urged Macbeth into doing it and that is what makes her an accomplice to this crime, but she is not as guilty as Macbeth. He really didn't have to listen to what his wife said. Macbeth had a mind of his and even though he could have acted upon his own instincts he followed his wife's needs and wants rather than his own.

It is difficult to decide who is a more guilty, Macbeth or his wife. But if you look at it through the eye's of today's law you will see that Macbeth is more guilty of murder. The consequences for this crime will be settled in court on the 1st of april. No further bail will be posted.