'The most important influence on an artist is his or her environment' in relation to Jeffery Smart

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'The most important influence on an artist is his or her environment'

In my opinion, artists create art to try and share with the world something they consider important. They create to attempt to evoke thought on a subject, to bring out the emotions of the viewer - it may be about something they find beautiful, or something they hate, or something they wish to make a statement about, or they could even create an art piece that has no real meaning, so people can make their own . An artist's environment is extremely important, as it is where they look for inspiration. An artist deprived of their environment is an artist bereft of a valuable source of ideas.

This is especially true of Jeffrey Smart, as he chooses in his art to portray scenes of modern architecture. Since childhood, where his first ambition was to be an architect, he has harboured a fascination for constructions such as freeways, towers, factories, tracks and high rise buildings, which he finds exciting and beautiful, and he has based his style around the strong, simple, geometric shapes and lines that can be seen in them.

He strives in his artwork to achieve the perfect composition of shape, balance, colour and light and what he calls the "fundamental aesthetic principal" of absolute stillness in his paintings, and in this way he attempts to convey his concept of beauty to the people viewing his artwork.

He uses the Golden Section, which has been talked about by another artist Dorrit Black who says "the subject matter is only the hinge that opens the door, the hook on which hangs the coat. "My only concern is putting the right shapes in the right colours in right places. It is always the Geometry", to...