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The American Experience Since 1945 HIS/135November 8, 2009IntroductionIn this paper the issues that were relevant to having a powerful impact on the American people during the period from the decades following World War II, during the years between the 1950s to the 1990s will be discussed. Each period will be explored giving the appreciation that is due to the events that occurred. Also discussed will be what was accomplished after each event in relation to America.

The Face of RaceCORE, which is the Congress of Racial Equality, is an organization that was formed in the year 1942. The vision of this organization was to put an end to racial segregation. The organization believed in using methods, which were peaceful in protesting the rights of the people in the United States that were of African descent. This organization was successful in raising the awareness of the African American communities in regards to racial issues and equality.

The organization believed if they stood together as a unified group, they would be able to make a strong statement.

Soldiers of African American descent during World War II, were fighting for equal rights. These soldiers were separated from the white American soldiers, and they were also denied such privileges like being able to bear arms. Although some of the African American soldiers were able to attain high ranks in the military, and also performed acts, which were heroic, none of the African American soldiers were awarded "the Congressional Medal of Honor" (HighBeam, 2007). During this time there were several courageous acts, which were countless as the African Americans were facing racism, and the challenges of fighting during the Second World War. One unit was the Tuskegee Airmen, which were seen facing such perils of racism and the war with courage. The actions...