Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa was well known for her work in Calcutta as a missionary.

At the age of 12 she believed that her destiny was to go and work as a nun. Her family was against her going and decided they didn't want her to go.

Mother Teresa decided that was what she wanted and still went. After this her relationship with her parents was not as strong because they didn't see her much and she did what they didn't want her to do. Although this happened her parents were proud of her and believed that this may be her destiny. This would have hurt mother Teresa having to disobey her parents but in the end it turned out fine Mother Teresa went to Calcutta and became a nun, one day while she was travelling on a train and she believed she had an "experience" where god gave her a calling to work with the sick, injured, dying and poor.

This work with the poor made her well known in the public and well known as the saint from Calcutta.

This relationship with god was important because it led her to do what her destiny was, without it she would not have made a difference in the sick, injured, poor and neediest life which ultimately would have made them more difficult.

Her relationship with the people was also very important, it gave them hope and made them feel better about their self, this relationship with the people gave mother Teresa a good feeling that she was doing the right thing by herself and others. Although the people didn't do anything for her, they helped her become great and allowed her to fulfil what she was asked to do