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In this paper I will be discussing how the theory of John Locke is used in my workplace. His theory was called Empiricism. This theory discussed how we are open to learn from our environment from the moment which we are born, and are constantly learning every day. This theory described by John Locke is "There are no innate ideas stamped upon the mind from birth; and yet impressions of sense are not the only source of knowledge; the mind furnished the understanding with ideas."The way this theory would apply in my work experience is, in 1994 I knew nothing about the income tax field. It was my drive to learn more, since this was interesting to me. I worked at a tax office for three years, until my boss sold his company. My motivation was I had to learn everything that there was to learn about income tax, since this was a busy office with only two of us to do the work.

At the end of the three years with this company I ended up being my bosses' teacher. This entailed teaching him how to use a computer. At which time I figured I had flourished from the experience, and gained enough knowledge and opened my own tax office. Now my current motivation to learn is, I look at it as the more I can learn in the field the better I am able to assist with my clients needs. With all the different types of self learning which I have gone through over the years I operate one of the most unique income tax offices in Canada. A few of my clients for the income tax field involve inmates, recovery houses, transients, and some of the federal half way houses. A way in which I...