The Movie Miracle and how it relates to the United States Government

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The whole world knows the outcome of the big Olympic game in "Miracle," yet director. Gavin O'Connor manages to find the tension and soul to this exploration of victory, and the skill of coach Herb Brooks.

The outcome was sports history. During the 1980 Winter Olympic games, the United States hockey team went from being underdogs, almost entirely counted out, to winning the gold medal by defeating their rivals, the previously unbeatable Soviet Union team. "Miracle" details the hardships, tragedies, and dedication it took coach Herb Brooks, played by Kurt Russell to assemble the team, and the toll it took on his personal life.

"Miracle" is a PG-rated and is a Walt Disney production. Gavin O'Connor directed the film, and he has taken the story of Brooks and the quest for the gold medal and laid it out perfectly, charting the rise of the man and his team with the efficiency and directness that the story deserves.

The outcome of the game might be known to all heading into the theater, yet O'Connor is still able to bleed tension out of this story, which is an amazing achievement. I knew the USA team beat the Soviets, yet I was on the edge of my seat till the end of the film.

"Miracle" is another example of a sports film that desires integrity and earns its goose bumps. Written by Eric Guggenheim, the film is structured so that the thrust of the story isn't the defeat of the Soviet Union, but how that defeat came to be. "Miracle" is a valentine to Coach Brooks, and a deserved one, Brooks was tragically killed last year in a car accident. Building up a team with kids from mainly Boston and Minnesota,