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Gordie Howe was a man of grit and determination. Even though he suffered from the need for over 300 stitches, broken ribs, a broken wrist, more than one broken toe, a dislocated shoulder, a variety of scalp wounds, a agonizing ankle injury and barely avoiding death when he missed a check and went crashing headfirst into the boards, he still kept playing and refused to resign to anything, even age. This report was written about "Mr. Hockey", as Gordie was nicknamed, because his fortitude was admirable. I hope to learn how he became so famous.

Early Life

Gordie Howe was born on March 21, 1928 in Floral, Saskatchewan to Albert and Katherine Howe as the sixth of nine children. He was not continuously pampered as the youngest child, but was not charged with the responsibility of being the oldest child, either. His family later moved to Saskatoon, where his schools were.

Gordie's career's start was an interesting one. During the Great Depression, a woman came to their house with a sack full of what was supposed to be grain and some farm produce and asked for a little money to support her family, no more than a dollar or two. Mrs. Howe gladly paid. Once the sack was inside the house, she dumped the contents of the bag onto the floor. After the usual grain and barley, a pair of skates fell out of the bag. Instantaneously, young Gordon pounced on it and yelled: "Mine!" to claim it as his own. It was a spark that triggered the following events in his life, as it was, however lucky it may be, a start.

School Life

Young Gordon wasn't much of a student. He spent his first four grades in the Westmount public school, and Grades 5-8 at...