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Introduction There were thirty-one dynasties traditionally in Egyptian History. The eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties were the most famous ones and the ones who made Egypt the imperial power in the east. They were very smart in building structures such as the pyramids. Egyptians were also good in art, carpentry, architect, painters, and decorators. At that time and place Egypt had a good system of law. Since Egypt and the Greeks had similar system of laws they argued about their laws and legal disputes. The Egyptians were in control of the Greek rulers, and Egyptian women the Egyptian used their system of law.

The New Kingdom (1570-1085 B.C.) Amenhotep I (1545-1525 B.C.) He secured his realm from the desert tribes that caused a lot of trouble during the turmoil period. He finally realized that trying to hold of the desert was crazy. So he sized some oases that are in the Sahara.

Thutmose I (1525-1490) He is the one who really established the Egyptian empire. Egyptian power was in Nubia again. Some city-states such as Ugarit and Byblos fell to the pharaoh's army.

After Thutmose I died his son Thutmose II was a brief reign. After both of them there was Thutmose III and the first lady pharaoh Hatshepsut (1590-1560 B.C.). She was only a temporary ruler for Thutmose III because he was young. She liked the power so she decided to keep the thrown. Because the Egyptian people would not respect her because she was a women she styled herself like a king. She didn't try to lead the army. She was very peaceful. The most famous thing she did was trading.

After Hatshepsut, There was Thutmose III (1469-1436B.C.). He spent most of his time taking power of Palestine and Syria. He made very big army. The army was divided...