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that transpired from 48 B.C. to 44 B.C in Roman history. From the defeat of Pompey at Pharsalus to Caesar's assassination, the movie does a satisfactory job of presenting the actual events of the per ... audiences.There appears to be some undertaking to match the performers to the actual countenance of Caesar, Anthony, Cicero and Octavian. However, they failed in casting Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. ...

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History in Langston Hughes's 'Negro'

impact that blacks have had in past eras. He touches on past, historical events, like the days of 'Caesar' and the ' the Congo' (5 and 15). The murderous oppression that Hughes speaks ab ...

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The Roman Empire, from Caesar's reign through Augustus, and finally the infiltration of the Germanic barbarians. 7-8 pages, double spaced, 10pt Times New Roman, with 'quick references'.

After serving in Spain as proconsul in 61 BC, Caesar returned to Rome in 60 BC, ambitious for the consulate. Against senatorial opposition he achi ... of Pompey, commander in chief of the army; Marcus Licinius Crassus, the wealthiest man in Rome; and Caesar himself. In 59 BC as consul, he secured the passage of an agrarian law providing Campanian la ... ur legions for five years from 58 BC to 54 BC. The differences between Pompey and Crassus grew, and Caesar again moved (56 BC) to patch up matters, arriving at an agreement that both Pompey and Crassu ...

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An explaination into the Television Production process

AGladiator@ placed its gilded finger on the pulse of this timeless truth as the senators discussed Caesar=s indulgent Colosseum circus. ARome is the people, and he who controls the people, controls R ...

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biography on cleopatra

ple by her actions and in 48 BC she was overthrown from office, and forced to flee. Later that year Caesar showed up in Alexandria. He brought with him soldiers and it was obvious to everybody what hi ... unity and had herself smuggled in through enemy lines rolled in a carpet. Then she was delivered to Caesar. Her and Caesar were lovers and it is thought that Caesar planned to maker her the ruler of A ...

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On Events: Individuation, Exemplification, and Instantiation. This paper examines several philosophical concepts related to events and event substantiation.

taphysicsEssay 2On Events: Individuation, Exemplification, and InstantiationWas Brutus's killing of Caesar a singular event, or in fact a plurality of events taken in context to one another? The conce ... ing the idea to the opening question posed in this essay; it would appear that Brutus's stabbing of Caesar may be considered as not one, but two separate events based on the limiting conditions Kim ap ...

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Julius Caesar Summary.

to the scene of two Tribunes, Marullus and Flavius scolding Roman citizens for blindly worshipping Caesar. Their conversation reveals deep-seated fears that Caesar is growing too powerful, too arroga ... growing too powerful, too arrogant and must be stopped. Hoping to reduce the blind hero worship of Caesar, the two men remove ceremonial decorations off Caesar's "images" (statues) despite the obviou ...

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Assess The Significance of the Military and Political Career of Marcus Crassus.

s, one of the three informal "triumvirs" who helped bring an end to the Republic, unlike Pompey and Caesar, is a man about whom not much is known. Unlike his counterparts, little has been written abou ... lic. Many of Crassus' military and political decisions attributed to both the rise to power of both Caesar and Pompey and ultimately the fall of the republic.Crassus, though he achieved the position o ...

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The Fall of the Roman Empire.

Politicians constantly plotted against each other and their own leader. An example of this is when Caesar was assassinated. This is considered by many to be the death of the Roman Republic and the st ...

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Who was responsible for the downfall of the first triumvirate.

he disintegration of this powerful triad due to the changing political relationship between Pompey, Caesar and Crassus, as each strived to become more powerful than the others. We will look at the rea ... the downfall of the triumvirate and the way their careers advanced or were halted. We will look at Caesar the popularis, Crassus the spokesperson for the people and lastly Pompey, the great military ...

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The title of this essay is Belgium.

ustrian cultures having made an imprint. Belgium got its name from a Celtic tribe, the Belgae, whom Caesar described as the most courageous tribe of Gaul. In about A.D. 300, Attila the Hun invaded wha ...

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Character Decription of Mark Anthony and his role in the Shakespearean play, "Julius Caesar"

Anthony prevail. Mark Anthony serves as a developing passionate and lively character. His love for Caesar is deep-rooted, as Cassius says (II, 1,183) His quiet, obedient exterior quickly dissolves up ... d, as Cassius says (II, 1,183) His quiet, obedient exterior quickly dissolves upon his discovery of Caesars death; he quickly speaks his mind, "O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low? Are all thy conqu ...

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Brutus Is A Honorable Man

In Shakespeare's play of "Caesar" Brutus is a conspirator who portraysa person who favors a republic for Rome. Brutus is an ho ... mans convey to him. Consequently, Brutus joins theconspiracy inorder to help the romans rid rome of Caesar. Brutus alsounderstands that he is putting it all on the line for his romans, thereforeBrutus ... ich shows that Brutus is analtruistic as well as an honorable man. Brutus also had a compassion for Caesar when he had killed Caesar. "Ifthen that a friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this ...

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Do you think Alexander deserved the appellation great?give reasons for your answer showing which aspects of his life you have studied.

e looms far above most of the other classical "greats" as a figure of world culture. No Pericles or Caesar made it into the Book of Daniel or the Koran. Alexander's name continues to carry great weigh ...

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Compare the leadership qualities shown by Caesar, Antony and Lepidus so far. How effective is each as a leader and why?

o need for them to be great warriors; they had to be cunning, manipulative and intelligent. Antony, Caesar and Lepidus are all different types of leaders and are each effective in their own way.In a p ... t in Rome and Shakespeare writes in rigid prose, which gives the impression of order and structure. Caesar and Lepidus are talking about what a disgrace Antony has become and are very focussed on thei ...

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An Analysis of Marc Antony's Funeral Oration during Julius Caesar

Analysis of Marc Antony's Funeral Oration"...Bear with me; / my heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, / And I must pause till it come back to me." (JC III ii 47) Marc Antony's speech at Caesar's ... rice refuse: was this ambition? (JC III ii 47) By rhetorically bringing to light the instance where Caesar refused the crown three times, it caused the crowd to rethink Brutus's blatant accusation tha ...

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Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Funeral Oration Analysis

f Antony's plan is to convince the common people that Cassius, Brutus, and Casca were wrong to kill Caesar and they were just jealous. Just a few examples of his cunning schemes include using sarcasm ... as appealing to what almost every person wants: money. As soon as Antony mentions the will in which Caesar had supposedly left each individual man 75 silver coins, one man in the crowd yells out, "Mos ...

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When and how did Roman Britain end?

itain came to and end, that is when Britain no Longer came under the Jurisdiction of the Empire and Caesar but we can often come to a date of about approximately AD410. In this year the Emperor Honori ... the same time dealing with its own internal problems with authority and the rights to the claim of Caesar, the Romans simply had to pull back and make their frontiers more compact in order to bring w ...

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Analysis of Brutus's Speech from William Shakespear's "Julius Caesar"

Romans, he has two purposes. His first and more important purpose is to persuade the audience that Caesar's murder was justified. His second purpose is to introduce Mark Antony. He accomplishes this ... omplishes this second purpose better than the first. He implies that he is a "good guy" for letting Caesar's best friend speak, but he is naïve when he decides not to stay to listen to Antony. Br ...

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Celtic warfare

overed. About 50 percent of the males, about 25% of the total population, were buried with weapons. Caesar, in his report about the Helvetian census, tells us that of about 350,000 people about 90,000 ... probably they occurred as a result of raids on neighbouring tribes, such as the raids mentioned by Caesar in the quote at the beginning of this essay, or in the Irish story of the cattle raid of Cool ...

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