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The world of television production, and the billions of dollars spent annually on the research, writing, designing, directing, filming, producing, and finally the duplication and distribution exist for one reason, entertainment of the masses. Recently, the Academy Award winning movie AGladiator@ placed its gilded finger on the pulse of this timeless truth as the senators discussed Caesar=s indulgent Colosseum circus. ARome is the people, and he who controls the people, controls Rome.@ At the same time, in a forsaken corner of the empire, Russell Crow=s character, the Gladiator, received the same instructions from a political figure of somewhat less stature. AWin the crowds, and you will win your freedom,@ to which the general-turned-slave replied, AI will win the crowds.@ From the annuals of antiquity, this same message now travels by satellite, coaxial cable, and through the airwaves. The magical existence of stardom, financial reward, and immortality itself exists for those who Awin the crowds.@

Apprehending this illusive prize, however, can be as difficult today as is was for Russell Crow=s character to survive the Colosseum=s games. Television production history is strewn with corpses of ideas, television pilots, empty sets and closed bank accounts of ideas that were sure to become the next sit-com hit. Some silver screen warriors fell victim to lack of funding. Others never made it past the post-production screening rooms due to poor acting, or a script concept that was out of sync with cultural desires. Television history remembers well the untimely death of the first AStar Trek@ series. This show was before its time, and the original series was canceled in 1968 after three short seasons. However, in the 70=s through the 90=s, Star Trek returned with 3 spin off series, over 8 feature length movies, action figures, board games, and...