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A multicultural experience can be optimistic or a negative educational experience. Some investigators have established that multicultural experiences increase creativeness and insight within one's learning. "Multiculturalism is a body of thought in political philosophy about the proper way to respond to cultural and religious diversity " (Stanford Encyclopedia,(2010). Most people will have at one multicultural experience during his or her life. Even trying a new car wash or going to a new church could lead to a multicultural experience. Multiculturalism can be a positive or negative experience within one's life; however, it will be a learning experiences regardless. The experience of multiculturalism permits a person or group to open a new pathway to accepting a chance to learn about the way other individuals live. The experience of other individuals helps one to comprehend and teach broadmindedness to others. In contrast a multicultural experience can have a negative effect. One important drawback to multiculturalism is the separation that may produce within society. For example, creating prejudices, stereotypes regarding other cultures, which subsist in one's surroundings.

I was invited to come to my co=worker church to experience there culture opposed to my church. I walked into Trinity Church Sunday afternoon, I documented immediately that the church's name was not accidentally chosen, it was something, or someone within their faith. The name of the church was on many statues within the church. Songs of prayer is how the service starts, which is much different from my church. Most of the songs did not remind me of the songs we harmonized at my church. Within my church we commence the worship with a candle lighting and a reading from the Bible. As the worshippers sang I looked around and seen that the majority of the people where white, which was very different from my...