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        To say that all teachers have different teaching styles and approach their classrooms differently is no surprise. Teaching can be called a science and an art form. It is understood that effective teachers facilitate students' learning by providing highly engaging learning experiences, which are both motivating and challenging to students.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences offers teachers yet another opportunity to hone in on their student's abilities and skills while offering a unique and rewarding learning experience. However, just knowing about or reading about Multiple Intelligences is not sufficient. One must put this theory into practical application in order to achieve the benefits of teaching to Multiple Intelligences.

What is the Theory of Multiple Intelligences?

        Traditionally, teaching in this country has been what is termed "frontal teaching" or "chalk and talk" (Goodlad, 1984). Snyder (2000) suggest that, "To be successful in educating all of our students, we need to be aware of their individual learning styles and multiple intelligences" (p.

2). Snyder was referring to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences that had been developed well over a decade ago.

Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1983. Dr. Gardner originally developed the theory and identified the following seven multiple intelligences:

1.         Linguistic intelligence - as in a playwright, editor, or poet;

2.         Logical-mathematical intelligence - as in an accountant, scientist, or statistician;

3.         Musical intelligence - as in a composer;

4.         Spatial intelligence - as in an architect, interior designer, or airplane pilot;

5.         Bodily kinesthetic intelligence - as in an actor, dancer, or athlete;

6.         Interpersonal intelligence - as in a teacher or salesman;

7.         Intrapersonal intelligence - demonstrated by one who others would describe as having their act together

Gardner's theory is that the multiple intelligences approach is...