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Mummies what are they? How are they made? I asked myself these questions right after I watched a movie on mummies. I then knew that this was going to be my topic. I had found that to me there was a fascination with wanting to know, so I explored the life of the mummy.

        What do you think of somebody asks you, what is a mummy? Probably somewhere along the lines of, something from long ago that has bandages wrapped all around it When in movie's generally chases after you while moaning. If you think that then you are right but partially wrong. Yes a mummy is wrapped in bandages but it doesn't chase after you and moan.

        A mummy is actually the body of a person (or in some instances an animal) that is preserved after death. Mummies were really not that scary at all. Mummification was actually a type of burial.

That was required for the passage to the afterlife.

        There were different types of burials. Which depended on wealth. If you were a priest, high ranking officials and nobles. The pharaoh and his queen had fairly extravagant burials. A pharaoh was believed to become a god once he died. He was believed to have the best burial of all.

        There were many steps to mummification. The first step consisted of washing and ritually purifying the body. The second step was to remove all organs. This consisted of removing the intestines, liver, stomach, and lungs. These were then put into natron. This dried out the organs that discouraged bacteria from decaying the tissues. Once this was done they were then wrapped and placed into jars. These jars weren't regular jars though. These jars were called canopic jars. They each had there own special lids that displayed the four...