Museum of Contemporary Arts: New Acquisitions Exhibition

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Overview of the New Acquisitions ExhibitionsThe New Acquisitions 2007 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Arts showcases new, choice artworks that have been acquired by the gallery in the past year. Located on Levels 1 and 2 of the museum, the exhibition features a large range of artworks by various artists and across several forms of media. These artworks reflect on the issues of identity on both a national and global scale. The New Acquisitions in Context exhibition initiated in 2005 and has continued as an annual exhibition, giving the visitors of the MCA an opportunity to experience the world of contemporary art as well an insight into the development of the museum’s collection. This year’s exhibition curator was Rachel Kent.

Artists- AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Daniel Boyd, David Griggs and Ben Quilty, Louise Weaver, Todd McMillan Kate Murphy, David Noonan and Patricia Piccinini, Andrew McQualter, John Barbour, Rose Farrell and George Parkin, Fiona Lowry, Jess Macneil, Nell, and Lynn Roberts-Goodwin.

Number of works exhibited- 17 artworksArtforms displayed- Painting and drawing, sculpture, photography, film and videoMaterials used- synthetic polymer paint, graphite, ink, acrylic and silk thread, cotton, cotton voile, canvas, acrylic paint, C-type photographs, oil paint, watercolour, 16mm film, DVD, Super VHS, MDF, sequins, cork, pins, Super 8, lambs wool, high density foam, glass, glass animal taxidermy eyes, felt, nylon, cotton thread, Comme de garcons shirt panel, mirrored Perspex, plastic, lurex thread, Swarovski crystals, Japanese tree trunk hibachi (charcoal brazier) with fine patina, marine plywood and enamel paint.

Personal Responses and Researched InformationThe New Acquisitions 2007 exhibition is an interesting and diverse showcase of artworks from contemporary artists. Each artwork brings an interesting element to the exhibition and the Senior Curator of the MCA, Rachel Kent, has displayed across 2 levels of the MCA in a fashion that both befits the requirements...