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Philosophy of Music EducationMusic is an extremely important part of my life. I like to call it a language that can be translated over cultural differences. Different cultures have different styles of music that can allow us to better understand and respect each other. Music is powerful communication tool. Students use it to express themselves and expand their imaginations. It develops creative thinking as well as many other areas of thought. Music can be used in many different aspects of life. It connects us to our emotions, sharpens our critiquing skills, and forces us to use high order thinking skills.

Music is democratic. Every student should have the opportunity to learn about music. Every student should have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings through music. Students need to be provided with a constructive and creative outlet. Music can also enhance learning experiences. Involvement in music can teach responsibility as well as time management.

It provides a sense of determination. Every student should be provided with the opportunity to experience everything music can convey. Nobody should be deprived of having music in their life.

As teachers we must be knowledgeable about our subject area, most especially in the field of music. Music is not an area of study that should be cut out of schools by any means. Music teachers must have good musicianship and pass that knowledge along to their students. They should be passionate about music and transfer that passion to their students. Teachers can not effectively teach if they do not love what they are teaching. We can not become effective teachers if we do not embrace and love our students for their own personal, God given talents.

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