music, good influence or bad

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Some may say that music can influence ones thinking. but is that really true? no i dont think so. music is just a way to release stress, that is if you like music. i believe that music can only influence those who let it. music can influence everyone in some sort of way whether be it good or bad. my research shows that in young teens who listen to rap or heavy metal most 20% were violent or suicidal. but i wonder what would make any individual whether they are old or young do what they do. i think it has alot yto do with the parents as well. i think all parents should monitor what their young kids listen to and watch. not only is music of today innappropriate it is also loud and obnoxious. i took a survey and i asked do words of a song influence you, keep in mind that the survey was only given to youn teens.

25% percent said they believe whatever word on a song might say. now judging from that what do you think about the music of today does it influence peoples opinions?