Music & Other Entertainment

Essay by smartcheerleaderA-, March 2003

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Music and Entertainment has been in this world for decades. We have had all kinds of cultures and religious music and entertainment. There we're great performers through-out the century. There have been great performers as in Dorothy Dandridge,Marilyn Monroe,Frank Sintara,Sammy Davis Jr.,Temptations and etc. These performers have dominated the music industry and hollywood movie industry. Music has been the main scene in the world for along time and it has always been a factor in my life and others around the world. Music a great thing to have in the world,it keeps us occuped and busy. Music has been great and I don't know what I'd do without it. Music is great and I think that everyone should love it and if they don't then they do not know what they are missing. They are missing out on a lot. They are missing the great concerts,cds, music videos,tv concerts,chats, and other things,I do not think I could live without music ever.

And when I get older I do mean old I will always love the same music as I do now.