My Career Choice : Paramedics

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Paramedics, EMT's, and all members of the emergency medical system respond to people's needs when they are in the greatest despair. They have been known heroes in situations such as horrific accidents, or miraculous child birth. They often sacrifice time, sleep, and their own personal lives just to help someone else.

I chose to become a paramedic because I believe the welfare and needs of others often outweigh my own. I have never been involved in a life-threatening accident, have never been injured and without anyone to turn to. I feel like I am very lucky in many ways and should not take that for granted.

Being a paramedic will not bring me a life of lavish wealth. It will require long hours in unfavorable working conditions. In my opinion, the rewards consumate the downfalls. The thought of saving a child's life, or bringing a healthy baby into the world means more to me than any amount of wealth.