My Cousin's Room

Essay by redadmiral September 2004

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I had a cousin who passed away two weeks ago in a car accident. My cousin Amr was kind, generous and everyone loved him. After the funeral, in the next morning of his death, I entered his room and examined it; every little bit reminded me about his character.

Amr's room is on the second floor of my aunt house. I climb the stairs and stood at the door of his room, I felt my breath slow and the air was heavy. I was about to go back but I called up my courage and held the doorknob and opened it. The first thing I saw was a small room crowded with furniture that gave an impression about Amr. The white walls were empty except a big photo of Amr whose a young man in the prime of his life, and his smile reflects his eagerness to life. Then I noticed the dark blue carpet on the floor.

In a glimpse, I saw beside it his thrown clothes and I thought how many times his mom told him to pick it up but he didn't. After that I saw a big white wooden, three-door closet. One of the doors was open and one of his clothes that he used to wear; when he went out to meet his friends was about to fall down from the closet and his fragrance was still in it.

In the most distant right corner, there was a small glass cabinet that has many car samples that he liked to collect such as Ferrari and BMW. Beside the cabinet was the desk that he used to sit on and study. On the top of the desk were his disarranged books and a big piece of paper which has a design, for a project he was...