My essay is about sexual education and why it is important to teenagers.

Essay by shamrock07 November 2003

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I think that sexual education should be taught in middle school and high school. There are too many teenagers popping up with babies and that is not the worst. Teenagers are getting sexually transmitted diseases and now the updated term is STI. Teenagers need to take sex ed serious, because when you have sex with a person and that person has had sex with someone else, then you are sleeping with everyone else down the line. Your sexual partner should be someone that you have known for a while and the communication needs to be strong and open. There needs to be a committment between you two and a real committment is really not official until you get married. I can not tell someone not to have sex, but it is best to be abstinent. Sexual education includes being protected while having sex, both partners being clean(bathe before and after), and going to the doctor together.

Sex ed should be taught in schools, because away from school there is sex in music, television, and in the community. The school is the place of education, so what better place to learn about sex ed than in school. Teenagers need to realize that there body is a gift from God and they need to take care of it and the best way is being abstinent. Teenagers need to look at reality and see how the AIDS population has grown over the years. It's not a joke. Sex ed should be a required class and teenagers need to know that it only takes one time for a baby or STI.