To my fellow colonists

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Claudia Goodwin

September 4, 2012

Essay #42

To my fellow colonists,

The item that I wish to bring to the planet we will colonize is a scrapbook. I have chosen a scrapbook because that is where I keep all my memories of our home planet and my life in. If I ever feel homesick, I can just flip through a few pages and remember my life on Earth.

My scrapbook is full of all my memories. My memories from Earth are very important to me. They are how I stay connected to my friends and family. I will be away for a long time and I need to be able to remember my life before I moved to the new planet. By bringing a scrapbook with me, I can still be miles and miles away, but feel like I am at home.

This item won't just help me not feel homesick, it can help the colonists as well.

The colonists that will be on the planet with me might also need something to remind them about the life we once lived on Earth. The colonists will need a little reminder on what life was like so that we can still feel connected to the life we once lived.

We could use the memories to help improve the planet. The pictures of my life I lived before moving to the new planet can help us come up with ideas on what to do on the planet. For example, a picture could have a bowling alley in the back round, so why not build a bowling alley on the planet? Maybe we can make it a little different and modernize the bowling alley. Or we can improve the cars, highways, and education. These pictures can help us create a better planet...