My Interpretation of Simple Plan's "Perfect"

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"Hey dad, look at me.

Think back and talk to me.

Did I grow up according to plan?

Do you think I'm wasting my time

Doing things I wanna do?

'Cause it hurts when you disapprove all along."

It's been almost fifteen years and I still can't believe that the old town hasn't changed. As I saunter down the main street, a few people turn around and look at me. Whispers and gasps can be heard as I pass a number of people along the way. They just can't believe that a guy like me would even take the time to visit their small, unobtrusive town. You see, my name is Johnny Mason and I'm the top manager of a large conglomerate called T.J.'s Steel and Metal Co. My name has been continuously splashed across the various national newspapers. From the stares that burn into my back now, I suspect that the local newspaper of this town has featured my name a time or two.

Suddenly, I stop walking and I wonder why I even bothered to come back here. He's never going to let me set foot in the house. The memory of that fateful day, almost fifteen years ago, still burns in my mind. There was only bitterness and rancor. I'm sure my father hates me because I hurt my mother and worse yet, I hurt him.

"You're just worthless. Going to work for some thieving company! Don't you ever lose your mind and step foot in this house again."

"No need to worry!" I shouted back at my father. "You're dead to me. I have no father. I never did!" And then I walked out the door, trying to ignore my mother's sobs and pleas for me to come back. Oh God, how that memory haunted me...