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                What is my purpose in life? This is a question that I have not put much thought into. I’m not saying it’s not an important issue, but until I had my daughter I rarely thought about it. Now that I’m preparing for our future, it’s on my mind on a regular basis. I have more than one purpose in my life. Some I have yet to figure out. I do know my main purpose and that is to be a loving mother to my daughter and any children I may have in the future. Tatianna is the single most important person in my life. She deserves to be raised in a loving home with a family who will give her the proper guidance and support needed to survive in this out of control world. In order to fulfill my main purpose in life, I realize taking care of my self is a priority.

Although my main purpose is to be a loving and dedicated mother, I would also like for my mother to be proud of me. There is no doubt in my mind that my mother loves me with all of her heart, however she has not been very maternal. My mother can also be rather negative. This of course has affected my level of self-esteem. When a child is growing up he/she needs to be nurtured. Being shot down too often can make a child feel worthless. This can live on in further experiences. It is absolutely necessary for me to stay on the right path and become successful as a result. I would like to prove to her that I can do or be anything I want to. If it only happens once, my mother saying she’s proud of me would do my heart well. Better...