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Scout Finch, almost six years old, her brother Jem, four years older, and their friend Dill, spend their summer thinking of ways to lure Boo Radly from his house.

The next summer Dill returns. Rolling inside a runaway tire, Scout accidentally slammed into the Radly porch. She heard laughing inside as she recovered and ran.

Scout and Jem began hearing their father called a, "nigger-lover," around town, for defending a black man, Tom Robinson. Atticus, their father was a lawyer, and he kept his head up high, and also told his kids to do the same.

Scout and Jem both received rifles for Christmas, but they were cautioned by their father to never kill a mockingbird for it is a sin. They later learned why from their friend and neighbor, Miss Maudie. She explained that mockingbirds only make music and sing their hearts out for people, so you should never kill a mockingbird.

Later at the end the author tells you that Boo Radly is like the mockingbird, and for you to expose him would be a sin.

At the trial, the all-white judges file Tom Robinson guilty, even though Atticus tries so hard to prove that he was innocent. The woman beaten had her right eye hit, and Atticus knew that Tom Robinson could not use his left hand at all. He explained this, but the all-white judges filed the black man guilty. Atticus knew that the woman's father, who gets drunk often and who lives on welfare really beat her.

Tom Robinson dies trying to escape the prison where he did not belong, because he was innocent.

After a school pageant, Scout and Jem walk home in the dark. While they were walking, a man suddenly attacks them. Scout was saved by her hard costume that she was...