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A Mayan legend says that thirteen crystal skulls scattered all around our earth possess strange powers. Apart from divination and healing properties, the 13 skulls once united should reveal to mankind the secrets of the universe (its origin, its aim and also its end). Funny detail: the skulls also produce holographic images; they can talk and even sing!

Since the process used to create those skulls is hard, indeed impossible to explain, the popular belief about its creation is a bit nonsensical. Some people maintain that those skulls were fashioned by extraterrestrials who gave them to the inhabitants of Atlantis as a present.


The most famous and intriguing of the skulls already discovered is that of Mitchell-Hedges, also called the "Skull of Doom".


Its discovery is controversial. Adventurer-explorer Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges pretends that, in 1924, he was clearing debris from a ruined temple at the ancient Mayan city of Lubaantum, located in British Honduras, now Belize, when his seventeen-year-old daughter Anna, who had accompanied him, suddenly saw something shimmering in the dust.

It was an exquisitely carved and polished skull made of rock crystal, with the jaw (=mâchoire) piece missing. Three months later, she would have found the jaw in an excavation (=fouille) about 25 feet from the first site.

But it was then proved that the skull was actually bought by Mitchell-Hedges in 1943 at an auction at Sotheby's in London from Sidney Burney who also took part in the expedition. But since Burney did not explain where, when or how he took possession of the skull, the circumstances of its discovery remain unknown.


It is an almost perfect reproduction of a human female skull. It is said to be 100,000 years old; though we have no way to prove it...