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Napoleon Bonaparte1769-1821Napoleon Bonaparte, one of France’s most historical figures, died May 5th, 1821 after a battle with stomach cancer on the isle of St. Helena. At his tragic death at the age of 52, Napoleon accomplished more with his life then what most men can dream.

Born on the Island of Corisca on August 5th 1769, Napoleon’s father descended from a line of noble Tuscan blood. This gave Napoleon many opportunities in life, one of which was the chance to attend the Brienne French Military academy. He was educated there as any other French citizen was there, and did not consider himself a foreigner. At the age of 26, he married his first wife Josephine Beauharnais. Their marriage was a troubled one, and 14 years later he remarried to Marie Louise. They would remain married for the duration of Napoleons life. While married, she bore Napoleons heir, Napoleon II.

Napoleon was a magnificent military and political leader.

After graduating the Royal Military Academy in 1785, he served in an artillery unit. He was later promoted to a Brigade General and in charge of all French artillery by 1793. After defeating a Royalist mob threating the new French government, he was promoted to Commander in Chief of all French forces. Using his newly acquired army, he conquers much of mainland Europe with a series of spectacular victories. On May 18, 1804, Napoleon declared himself Emperor of France. This was the peak of his achievements, though. For the next 10 years, a series of military blunders as well as unfortunate events. Russia and Great Britain both gain up on Napoleon and succeed in pushing his forces back to France while capturing Napoleon. He was then exiled to Elba, and island in the Mediterrian. After escaping the island prison, Napoleon seized control of France and rallied an army of supporters to help him retake Europe. England was quick to react and defeated his resurrected army and exiled him to St Helena to live out the remainder of his days.