Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Communications class research paper) A very understudied topic that was difficult to obtain information about.

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In the twenty-first century we have been and will further anticipate continued developments in areas like the Internet, travel, computer developments, even medicine and its related procedures. Can we expect to find the cure that ends cancer? Probably not, but what we can look forward to is increasing our perception of both supplementary and realistic therapeutic alternatives to an obscured personality disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is best defined via the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) (1995) as one possessing such dominant characteristics as "pervasive patterns of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy that begins in early adulthood and is present in a variety of contexts" (p.658). What may be considered a familiar term in the vocabulary of a psychologist, alas is not custom in those vocabularies of whom NPD affects most often: humanity. A narcissist, then, is one who has a clinical diagnosis of NPD; therefore, is one who is a threat not only to himself but to society and the beginning to its end will only take place if our constrained knowledge is uplifted and we are responsive to the appropriate coping methods.

Self-esteem is a customary idiom in the majority of society's vocabulary. We often relate this term to the possession of a positive or negative (negative being the concern of low self esteem) representation of one's self. However, narcissism is by and large integrated into everyday discussions, or is it? Narcissism is self esteem rated on the level of conceit, and with that being said, don't we all experience moments of day after day vanity? To this end, we need to establish what emerges as a result of our vanity and when self-love becomes pathological and narcissistic; a disorder forenamed Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Vankin, 2003). From a psychology...