Narrative Poem : Bottle Hill

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Mick and Molly were very poor

And all their food was all no more.

Molly told Mick to sell the cow

And she told him to do it "NOW!"

He met man who wanted to buy

And Mick said " Oh my oh my"

The man gave Mick a bottle that was green

But Mick was never very keen

The man was lucky and swapped the cow

But Mick was sad and said "What now?"

He took the bottle to show Molly

"How could Mick? you are dolly"

Mick told the bottle to do its duty

And Molly said, " It is a beauty"

Mick and Molly became as rich as they could

And landlord wanted to borrow the bottle if they would

He gave him the bottle to return in a week

"If you don't I'll come and seek'

This bottle that you keep

If you don't return it in a week.

Mick received the fakest bottle as you can see

And gradually they became as poor as can be

He sold his cow to the little man

And then back home, he ran

He got a bottle with luck he wished

And then suddenly, Kepesh

Two giant men with cudgels appeared

With a very long sword and a very long beard

Mick decided to trick his landlord

And then he realised he wasn't bored

He took the bottle for him to try

And Mick told the landlord a stupid lie

The two giant men appeared once more

Mick said, " I'm not gett'n tricked liked before"

The landlord begged Mick to stop

And Mick got his bottle with a pop

Mick and Molly was rich once more

And the Landlord became very poor

Mick and molly died, How Sad

And all the servants fought over it bad

The little bottle fell on the floor

And all the servants became very poor

Their children died as they would

And Mick and molly were happy, as they should.

That's all there is,

There isn't anymore.