Nash's Thesis: Red, White, And Black

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Congregating from all over the world are the diverse groups that form North America. The first North Americans arrived by means of the Bering Strait from Asia. This “red” race covered all corners of the newfound continent: from present day Canada, to the Atlantic Ocean, to the Pacific Ocean, down to present day South America. Come 1400s, the “white” race began to arrive in the “New World.” In search for a shorter route to India, Europeans landed on the islands of North America and mistakenly identified the members of the red race, who had been residing here for hundreds of years, as Indians. After the white race colonized in North America, they introduced their new land to the “black” race by means of slavery. This black race cooperated to the demands of the white race more accommodatingly than the red race. Nash investigates their habits and interactions with each other helped to develop the present day United States of America.

        Of all the differences the three groups contained, the one blatant similarity that linked them together was trade. The first interactions between the white and red races were dealings of trade. However, with the white race existing as the more civilized race, they often cheated the red race in their deals of trade in efforts to benefit themselves. One of these benefits was the acquisition of the red race’s land. After this land was colonized by the white race, they proceeded to trade with the red race for food that they could not grow themselves. Once the red race began to act stubbornly with the demands of the white race, the black race was brought over to North America from Africa to replace the red race as slaves. They were being traded themselves involving their race into the “trade relationship.”...