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Delegado: Daniela Estrada Gómez

Official country name: Republique francaise

Government system: Unitary state, Semi-presidential system, Constitutional republic.

Date of Independence/ Establishment: 14 July, 1789.

Head of State: François Hollande

Official language(s): French

Allies/blocs: NATO, European Union and United States.

Major religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim.

Major cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice.

Climate: Metropolitan France is situated mostly between latitudes 41° and 51° N, and longitudes 6° W and 10° E, on the western edge of Europe, and thus lies within the northern temperate zone.

Ports/waterways: Port of Marseille, Nice, Brest and Le Havre.

Infrastructure status: Regards infrastructure, France has one of the most advanced and innovative systems. The road network is the largest in Europe with 800 000 km of roads, 8,000 km of highways and 5,000 in construction.

Population: 65.8 million.

Development Status: It is the world's fifth largest economy and is in constant development.

What are the four problems/threats that currentlyseem to affect this nation?: Cultural problem, immigration, manufacturers and racism.

Ethnic/cultural issues: Americans, alsatian, bengali, brithish etc.

Military organization: The French Armed Forces encompass the French Army, the French Navy, the French Air Force and the National Gendarmerie.The French armed forces are members of NATO, EUFOR and Eurocorps.

Military expenditures (percent of GDP): 65.3mil million

Major weapons, arsenal, nuclear capability, etc: Is the world's third largest nuclear power, has 350 nuclear warheads placed on missiles missiles intercontinental transport SSBN type M45.

Percent of GDP spent of Overseas DevelopmentAid: France is the world's fourth biggest Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) donor in terms of budget, contributing almost €10 billion annually (€9,348 million in 2011), and the second biggest in terms of percentage of Gross National Income (GNI) at 0.46%. Africa is the primary beneficiary of France's...