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The National Security Agency (also known as the NSA) was set up by President Truman in the early 1950's (Bates). The NSA was created in order to protect the citizens of the United States by preventing acts of terror. The NSA intercepts, decodes, and analyzes foreign communications, such as phone calls and emails (Bates). According to the Patriot Act, the government has the ability to access personal information such as library records, phone records, emails, social media posts and financial records. Due to countless records the NSA has the ability to access under the Patriot Act, some say that we are losing our personal privacy. However, the constant threat of terrorism in the nation has caused these actions to take place. The national security of our nation should come before our personal privacy.

The NSA has prevented countless acts of terrorism and has proven to work. They have prevented over 50 events worldwide including 13 in America alone.

12 of the 13 were prevented due to the Patriot Act (Elliott and Meyer). Countless lives are saved due to the NSA. The Agency has the best interest for the people of America and tries to prevent casualties. The NSA plays a huge role in protecting the lives of our citizens as well as preventing counterterrorism. "Counterterrorism [relies on] the NSA surveillance program and [is] overseen by Congress, the executive branch, and the courts to prevent gross misconduct … these programs keep us safe and allow the U.S. to adapt to the ever-changing … terrorist threat" (Bucci). The NSA is being monitored by Congress as well as the executive branch to prevent the misuse of such operations. The NSA is only using this information as a way to prevent terrorism in the United States. The information they have collected has...