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Imagine if we held a presidential election in class and since this is an honors class everything should be realistic so to make events realistic should Mrs. Palmer have to tell Henry, Sofia and Pedro that they couldn't run because they weren't born in America. How would that make them feel? This is not a situation that these first world citizens should be placed in, it's attacking their opportunity for equal rights even if it is just a class election and not a true presidential election. A prime example of this situation in the real world is Arnold Schwarzenegger and his presidency issues. There is a whole big argument on whether the constitution should be amended for Arnold and all other naturalized citizens, or that Mr. Schwarzenegger can not run for president because he is not a natural born American. Arnold himself said "yes absolutely" when asked if he would run for president if the constitution were to be amended.

There have been many television ads and newspaper articles to support Arnold's Amendment and many senators side with Arnold in his quest for equal opportunity. With that in mind naturalized citizens should be allowed to run for President of the United States because the world has changed since the constitution was written, if a naturalized citizen lives here, functions here, votes here, and pays taxes here then he/she should be allowed to run for president here, and also if naturalized citizens are not given this right to run for the presidency then they are being treated as second class citizens.

First of all the world has changed since when the constitution was written. In 1788 when the constitution was ratified there was a reason to worry about foreign rule. Many federalists such as James Madison were scared of foreign takeover...