The nature of God

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 The nature of God



 The nature of God

The factual nature of God (given that He exists as the First Cause) is at all times argued by most Christians. Moreover, numerous questions arise on the nature of God. All human beings will actually die at some point; yet, we consistently decline the reasons within us that glance into the factual result of a person's death. For humankind, it may be far simpler to agree that, they will depart to a "secure home" in Heaven and will be pardoned all their sins by a supreme being. Fortuitously, some people usually query this existence and the development of humankind; in addition to, the spiritual lessons obtained from our mothers and fathers, community and religion. This essay investigates the two logical justifications for and against the nature of God; in accordance to opinions of some exceptional researchers and philosophers.

Through two classical arguments for God; the ontological argument and the teleological argument, this paper will show that there is no adequate evidence or extensive justifications for the true nature of God.

According to the ontological argument, God usually represents one sacred and all-powerful being, the heavenly oneness of greatest truth and spiritual benefits. St. Anselm of Canterbury designed the ontological argument by stating that, even a dupe can comprehend or appreciate the perception of an omnipotent being of which nothing better may be formed (Palmer, 2013). Saint Anselm constantly stated that a dupe articulates the nature of this being only in his brain and thoughts other than in veracity. With declarations such as perfect, all-powerful and supernatural built in this being's definition, it seems impossible to argue against it. Nonetheless, the theists could prove the nature...