Negative Case for Topic Resolved: The united states should establish a cabinet level position to oversee its entire intelligence community.

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"Double charging will break a cannon." Said in Latin Proverbs, it defines this whole debate. At first hearing, this may seem unrelated, but I can point out the entire relevancy. Why would we start another committee when we already have one? Yes, we do, and it is known as Homeland Security. This fact completely nullifies the resolution, for there is no reason to establish another committee to do the same job. This is why my partner and I firmly oppose the resolution: the United States should establish a cabinet level position to oversee its entire intelligence community.

This subject seems to have reasonable connection to the September 11th terrorist attacks. Now many say that the information was separated, like a puzzle, and the information was not places together do to laws that made privacy for Americans. In Congressional Reports though, it was said that the CIA and FBI each had information enough to take action, and even prevent the terrorist attacks.

The problem was that no individual agency took the initiative to protect Americans. Also, the CIA assumed that any actions against the US would not occur on our homeland, but to overseas Americans.

Not only did they assume incorrectly, but some information was with held because it was not deemed worth while. The FBI didn't even react to warnings and suspicion of the attacks rising within their own agency.

In July of 2001, an FBI agent from Phoenix sent notices to three different units at the FBI home office and even sent information to International Terrorism Squads in New York City. This individual made all the effort, even proposing a plan to stop September 11, but his efforts were not taken seriously and his cautions thrown out without a thought.

So our problem was not lack of information passage,