The Negro Community. Compare different texts of how authors construct negro's in a positive and negetive representation.

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Racial discrimination plays a major role for America, today and throughout history. Racism, the prejudice and animosity against a person, or group based on stereotypical construction of their race, is highly relevant in America, especially in the case of the African Americans. African Americans are traditionally Type caste as being violent and untrustworthy. This discrimination has been promoted by prejudice texts, both visual and written. Even in contemporary society, this negative outlook is still prominent. Throughout history the white race has been constructed as being superior to the black race, this concept is created for what purpose? Noticeably after investigating three famous texts, which have greatly shaped our views today are; A Time To Kill, 1996, Any Given Sunday and the well noted novel To Kill A Mockingbird, 1936. Society, when dealing with racial issues seems to propose that African Americans are the main problem in society. The three mentioned texts reflect African Americans with negative ideology.

Numerous prejudice texts that refer to the African Americans community, help to shape a significant part of society's views. A good example of this is when Harper Lee's best selling novel To Kill A Mocking Bird was published in 1936, intensifying societies values and ideals of animosity towards 'Black' Americans. The novel tells the shameful story of how civilised white society treated American Negro's. The story follows a black man's trail of raping a white woman. The setting takes place in a small town Maycomb in Alabama, during the Depression. Tom Robinson is the black man being accused. Another major character Atticus Finch is one of the town's most prominent citizens and of course is a white man. In the story, Atticus aggress to defend Tom, whom, obviously been accused unjustly. The contrasted between Toms appearance, dark skinned and Atticus appearances fair skinned...