Nelson Mandela : biography

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Nelson Mandela

Though almost almost an exact parallel to those suck leaders as Malcolm X or Muhammed Ghandi, Nelson Mandela's life has been solely lead on by his beliefs. Never once has abandoned his morals to avoid punishment, but on the contrary, stood up for them at every juncture in his life. For many years of his life, Nelson Mandela stood up for those who had no way to stand up for themselves in South Africa. He was struck down time and time again, but got right back up even after he was sentenced to life imprisonment at Robben Island Prison. Nonetheless, his work for civil rights has amounted to so much change in South Africa towards the better treatment of nonwhites. Mandela has dedicated his whole life to change something that he believed was immoral and truly deserves to be honored as highly as one would revere Martin Luthor King or Rosa Parks.

For all of his life, Mandela has looked past what were the accepted evils of that of around him. Mandela was born the son of African Chieftain, but would eventually show the power to rule so much more. He was first had problems with authority when he was expelled from Fort Hare (where he was getting his BA) and was forced to his degree by means of correspondence from the University of Johannesburg. He would later go on to help found the ANC Youth League, which advocated the weapons of boycott, strike, civil disobedience and non-co-operation, was accepted as official ANC policy. The ANCYL program aimed at the attainment of full citizenship, direct parliamentary representation for all South Africans. In policy documents of which Mandela was an important co-author, the ANCYL paid special attention to the redistribution of the land, trade union rights, education and culture,