The Neo-Malthusian Population theory assumes that poor nations will never be able to rise much above subsistence levels unless they engage in preventive population checks, if not positive checks.

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        As stated the Neo-Malthusian population theory claims that poor nations are stuck in a cycle of poverty which they can't get out of unless some sort of preventative measures of population checks are engaged. The Malthusian model was developed two centuries ago by a man named Thomas Malthus. Malthus's model is based upon a relationship between both population growth as well as economic development. Empirical studies now-a-days show that the population theory model is quite flawed because of many factors that render even the two main variables in the theory (population growth and level of per-capita income) not fit to be used within the same conceptual frame work as there is no clear link between them. Egypt and Kuwait are perfect examples where the model would clearly fail to explain the unexpected link between population growth rate and comparative economic development respectively.

        As hitherto stated the Malthusian population theory is based on two factors; population growth and economic development.

Primarily the theory at its core states that there is a tendency in countries unless there is a problem with the food supply that it's population is going to double every 30 to 40 years. Based on this model of doubling growth rate; because of fixed factors such as land, food supplies and the population having less land to work on to because of the proposed growth rate, the individual's contribution to food production would go down. The theory further proposes that because the food supply could not match the growing population per capita incomes based at the time on an agrarian society, the end result accordingly would be a stable population which is barely leading a stable population that is living barely at subsistence level.

        Malthus felt that according to his theory that the only way to avoid being stuck...