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Devin Simmons

Accounting Perspectives

Professor Stolberg


Complete Legal Name:

Netflix Incorporated (Netflix, Inc.)

My Interest in the Company:

I am interested in this company because I am an avid user of their product. I have been a customer of Netflix since I started my college career (6 years). Netflix has a seemingly unlimited number of movies and TV show, which is perfect for the time I get to relax. In my opinion, Netflix is a staple in the college student lifestyle; curing boredom, managing stress, and promoting procrastination. Most importantly, Netflix is the best wingman when you're entertaining a woman these days; simply play a horror or romance movie and its "smooth sailing" from there, especially for those guys who think talking in person is awkward-the social media gurus.

From a business point of view, I admire how quickly the founder was able to build the company so quickly.

Netflix is a well-known name, you can ask just about anyone and they will agree that they are familiar with the brand. Before doing this project, I was absolutely clueless to the number of companies that offer the same services as Netflix.

History: Information gathered from (11)

1997, Inc. is formed in California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.


The Company begins offering DVD rentals and sales.


Sales are halted; Group Arnault invests $30 million in the firm and a subscription plan begins.


Revenue sharing contracts are signed with Warner Brothers and Columbia film studios. CineMatch is introduced; this is what helps makes recommendations to customers based on their viewing history.


A partnership with Best Buy gives Netflix exposure in the chain's 1,800 stores.


The Company goes public and changes its name to Netflix, Inc.


Netflix gains 1,000,000 subscribers, and Netflix...