Network infrastructure focusing on Wireless Networks: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Mobile Phone networks.

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Network InfrastructureThe Internet is a worldwide network of computers, this network means that each computer can send data to and receive data from any other computer on the internet. Since some computers may use different operating systems and use different hardware from the others means they will store information differently. In order for these machines to communicate a set of rules were made and they defined how computers communicate. A protocol describes a set of data formats and communication rules that network rules programs must follow in order to exchange information. For example, the rules may define how fast programs will send and receive data, the size of the messages, and how a program receiving data will notify the program sending the data if an error occurs. In order for two programs to be able to communicate with each other, they must implement that same protocol. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet.

It is part of what is known as the internet protocol suite. This is a collection of protocol uses by computers connected to the internet. In addition to the TCP and IP protocols, it includes protocols such as the HTTP protocol (which defines how web browsers and web servers communicate) and the SMTP protocol (which defines how mail clients and mail servers communicate). Any program that connects to the internet must use a program that implements the TCP/IP protocols. TCP/IP uses a client-server architecture of communication. TCP/IP communication is mainly point to point, this means that each communication is from one host computer in a network to another host computer. [2][3]In order to understand how the TCP/IP protocols work, it is necessary to have some understanding of how computer networks and the internet itself work. This is best explained...