A New Home

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*Write a short story which develops a strong character and includes 2 text types (eg newspaper article, letter etc).

It is bizarre the way the whole system works and it fascinates me to be part of it. In the bible it states that God created light on the first day. The sun, Moon, and stars were created on the fourth day so what made light on the first day? I look around this neighbourhood and think that God didn't shine much light on it. When I look around I see rows of identical houses arranged neatly side-by-side. They are painted an atrocious grey giving them a dull and lifeless appearance. The only variation to each house is whether the front porch light is green or red. I will always come back to my house how I left it. Books askew, dishes unwashed and beds unmade.

Where I left it is an entirely different matter.

I shout this at the top of my lungs. People passing by glance over blank faced. Where they left they're house this morning is irrelevant. A Green light means the house is unoccupied; red light means it is. Each person has a key that contains the complete description to their house, and everything inside it. You just have to put it in an unoccupied house and that house is yours until you decide to lock up and leave.

My favourite house is the one right by the river. It seems to float away from the other boring houses. It's a lighter shade of grey that looks almost pretty against the cool blue water and the garden is a little more unorganized, a tiny bit more natural. I often run home each day hoping it is yet to be occupied One day I realize I am sick...