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Most people at least once in there life has thought about what it would be like to be a huge rock star. For pretty much all of us it is just a fantasy that will never come to pass, but for the few that get to slip into stardom they feel like their on a none stop carnival ride. They are people just like you and me. They just had an understanding of what they wanted and knew how to get it. In this paper I'll try to teach you how to be "The Next Big Thing".

The first thing a band needs to do to get signed is have a good lyric/music writer.

Because if one can't write the music there is not much of a chance of being signed. After writing enough songs for a set they need to begin playing a lot of shows so that there is a growing fan base.

This is one the most essential keys to getting signed. If people know and like the band they will get behind them and help them when they can.

Secondly, They need to find a quality recording studio and cut a demo that you can get a lot of radio play. When a band gets local radio play it opens up a lot of chances to play different venues. Another good promotion that is practically free is the internet.

Being posted on different site help spread out the name and music of that band. Also, with a demo they can post songs on and get listens all across the world.

Finally, they need to take there demo and send it off to different record labels.

Give them a little time to respond. They have a lot of demos to go through and if one calls or bothers the A & R (Artist Relations) to much he/she will get tried of the band and not give them another listen. If the band is lucky they will get a call from the A & R of the label and they will set them up with a Label Showcase--A show that is played in front of the label owners. This is where they show off their talents. It is very crucial that the live show is pulled off perfect.

If all these things are correctly pulled off a band has the possibility of becoming the largest band ever to walk on the face of this earth or just a local garage band willing to play for some free food. The more charismatic your band is, the better they will sell. It just matters how serious you truly are. You can choose to be a band willing to play for free or you can be "The Next Big Thing".