Nick Adams Tribulations by Hemingway

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In the Short Stories by Ernest Hemingway a young boy by the name of Nick Adams goes through his life's tribulations slowly learning and experiencing new things. Nick Adams is a young boy that is very naïve and still has many things to learn before he is considered a true man. Contained in these stories are the experiences that Nick goes through, helping him understand many topics and ideas such as: life, death, and relationships.

In the story of the Indian Camp nick has his first experience. In this story Nick learns about life and death. In the Indian camp a young Indian woman is giving birth to a child and Nick's dad is dedicated to performing as a doctor by helping the woman with her birth. Nick decides to go along with his father. The birth was a very brutal process, with only a pen knife and fishing leader and with no anesthesia for the woman, it was hard not to be.

In the process of the woman giving birth, the husband of the woman could not bear the pain he was feeling for his wife and decided to cut his throat. Nick witnessed life and death first hand in this story. Nick who has observed the proceedings asks, 'Is dying hard, Daddy? Nick learns that giving birth to a child is a very grueling task and that death can come very easy to any man or woman without much effort.

Another experience of death that Nick encounters is in the story of The Killers. Nick decided to go into a local café to get something to eat, and before he knew it he was caught up in a deadly affair that threatened his life. Two thugs came into the cafeteria and wanted to kill a man by the...