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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche An enlightened man who truly lived his life on that thin line between genius and insanity; Friedrich Nietzsche was the son of a Lutheran Clergyman. Born in Rocken, Saxony near present day Leipzig Germany. He studied Greek and Latin at Bonn; there he was appointed chairman of classical philology at Basel in 1869. A professor of classics at the University of Basel in Switzerland from 1868b-1878 he retired because of poor health and paranoid with nervous tendencies that soon developed a chronic eye problem that forced him to leave Basel in 1879. Nietzsche traveled constantly in some hopes to improve his failing health until 188 when he suffered a mental breakdown from which he never recovered.

Although earlier in his life he wrote many works of philosophy, and an examination of his works makes it clear however Nietzsche was not a systematic philosopher but more moralist who passionately rejected Western bourgeois.

Nietzsche was a severe critic of religion, especially Christianity. In Thus Space Zarathustra, this (at the time) was the most dramatic way in saying that he believed that people no longer believed in God. And therefor e religion could no longer serve as the foundation for moral values. He stated that warriors in earlier societies had defined their own strength as ?good? and the weaknesses of the common people they dominated as ?bad? Nietzsche called this the ?master Morality? because it represented the values of the masters.

Later, Priests and common people who wanted to take power defined their own weaknesses and humility as ?good? and the aggressive strength of warrior as ?evil? These strong ideas of society brought about other psychological ideas. He wanted to disprove and replace a common prevalent psychological theory that was known as hedonism. Hedonism holds that human behavior is inspired...