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Fernando Zevallos-Ponce

Art History

Dr. Eliasoph

Assignment #1

The painting I went to view was "Le café de nuit",(The Night Café) by Vincent Van Gogh. To give a visual description of this painting, it must first be noted that the painting is an oil on canvas type and has a rectangular shape. When first viewing this painting, you notice the wooden floors that take up over half of the painting. They are painted with an almost earthy look. There are streaks of a moss colored green and dirt brown in random places along the wood that is primarily a vermillion yellow. The wood is shown in a plank format with lines that black, yet fade in and out throughout the painting. In the center of the painting lies a pool table that is colored the identically to the floor. The top of the table is colored with the same moss green which helps to deliver a soft image, with the frame of the table being a darker shade of the floor because, with the exception of the playable part of the pool table, the frame is draped under its own shadow.

The table is outlined and detailed by a solid dark lining that is used on every detail it contains. Besides the table, the other two discernable aspects of the painting that come to the eye are the man in the white suit that seems to be the bartender, and the clock that is placed at the top left center of the painting, above a doorway.

The man in the white suit is shown beside the pool table on its left side. Standing there slightly hunched with no emotion in his face at all, this man is one of six in the painting, but the only one that is...