Nikola Tesla

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Secluded Electric Liberator Nikola Tesla was seen as a strange but brilliant scientist who had certain weird tendencies that only he could explain. He had a complex and unique mind that develops many ideas through hard work and his visionary powers. In the film he was portrayed as loner working on his project by himself with no partners or assistants. It seemed that he worked best alone and his ideas came only when left to be by himself. His laboratory was his own sanctuary used to leave the world of all others. It was his retreat and haven.

One example of the lone scientist was his laboratory where he spent most of his time by himself working on his projects. The film shows this many times and makes a point of showing him as a lone worker with no assistants or help.

Another instance of the difficulties Nikola faced was his inability to relate and communicate with other people.

He has trouble talking to people and often discusses things that he foresees in the future. Other people of course do not have his vision and therefore perceive him as a lunatic or crazy scientist. The only one that he could truly express himself to was Catherine Johnson.

Nikola's genius and tendencies were also shown in the early age sequences. He was always alone studying or observing outside by himself. The only person that seemed to understand him then was once again a woman, his mother. She always supported him even against the will of his father.

Overall, Nikola Tesla in the movie is represented by a lonely, somewhat crazy man who secludes himself from the world only letting a few people into his life even though he touched so many.