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Newberg 1

Josh Newberg

Professor Samuelson

English 101-026

9 December 2013


Food is an element of survival that all people must obtain to live. Animals struggle everyday to find food for themselves as well as their young. But food isn't something that people just need. Humans in general enjoy food and everything about it: the smell, the appearance, the texture, and the taste. Overall, food sounds like a wonderful thing. But actually, food has been changing over the past few decades, and not exactly in the best way. First of all food is becoming addictive and attracting people all over the United States and the world. For example, a study done by the American Heart Association says, "Compared with 1973 to 1974, the proportion of children 5 to 19 years of age who were obese was 5 times higher in 2008 to 2009". Five times higher! That is an extremely large increase that we the people should not just push aside and forget about.

People all over our nation are rapidly becoming more and more obese. A change needs to occur before it becomes too late.

Speaking of change, food is changing people all over this country. Food industries are developing ways to make food more appealing to our senses as well as cementing it into our heads. One strategy they have is advertisements. Food ads are planted all around our lives: the television, billboards, the radio, magazines, internet pop-ups, buses…the list goes on. To me this is absurd. People don't require food 24/7. With the U.S. population increasing, industries such as Montsanto have come up with a more sufficient way to produce food that can save time and money. This fairly new discovery is called Genetically Modified food or GMO (genetically modified organisms) for short. Genetically...