No hopes for man? After a glance into "Ishmael", it seems like the world would function much better by the extinction of humankind.

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With Man gone, will there be hope for Gorilla? With Gorilla gone, will here be hope for Man? Similar questions arise whenever a species is threatened by our increasing presence on their habitat. These questions will inevitably be answered with the passing of time. Whether or not man will be around to witness his future all depends on his actions in the present and his plans for the future. The extinction of mankind will be the outcome of if we don't stop fighting against our surrounding environment in order to gain complete control over it.

Humans are destroying the earth simply by living by the premise "the world was meant for man and man was meant to conquer it." It all began with the birth of agriculture. Agricultural living is what separates our species from all the other species that inhabit this planet. Man no longer had to rely on the nomadic lifestyles of the hunters and gatherers, but could instead harvest crops planted in fields.

In this way, man has chosen to remove himself from the natural law that has maintained the stability of this planet since its creation. As man continues to over produce its food supply, he will continue to fuel the population explosion, making it harder and harder for the natural balance to ever be restored. Soon the world will be so over populated it will no longer be able to support the abundance of people and will no longer be able to support itself or those living on it. When the population of any species outstrips its food resources, that population declines until it is once again in balance with its resources.

Another thing that our culture is eliminating is a healthy community of diversity. Instead of making room for everything, we are slowly...